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Pimp your Hotwheels collection by either making a custom order or buying an existing design.

This is an ongoing project for a client who specializes in producing custom wheels in different scales for different purposes.
Most of the work is done in order to produce custom 1/64 hotwheels which get mounted on vehicles. My job is to design wheels in CAD software and deliver 3D printing files to a client. After a sucessful prototype is printed, client uses it as a mold for his resin casting technique in order to produce high quality wheels.
The emphasis of our wheels is on the extreme sharpness of details and unique designs. Wheels are easily adjusted to any scale needed because of parametric design in CAD software.

So far, I’ve designed 100+ different, unique wheels for the client, and the list just keeps growing.
If you are interesed in having me design a custom wheel for you, or purchasing one of the already existing designs, don’t hesitate to contact me